Sentence Complete


Big news in the Burden house! Norah said her first complete sentence today. She was playfully avoiding laying down for pre-nap story time by opening and closing her bedroom door and saying, “bye”. Then there it was, “Bye. See you bit.” And it counts! She knows each of those words and she put them together without any prompting. We’ve waited 3 years for this and are over the moon. Trying to avoid bedtime (noticing a trend?) she tried to say, “read me a book” but the words got all jumbled. We believe her speech is taking off. It’s certainly becoming much more automatic lately with two word combos that don’t have pauses or require prompting. Her signing is taking off at the same time. Just a quick post to share the big news with all of you that love our “bug”. Bye, see you in a bit. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sentence Complete

  1. So proud of Norah. This is my first time visiting your blog and I am delighted to read such a positive post. It’s the little things in life that make it beautiful.

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