Big Girl Pants and Pig Tails


Big Girl Pants and Pig Tails

Norah has started telling me BEFORE she needs to go potty. So, on a whim we’re trying big girl pants today. The communication piece was the one we thought might take the longest with potty training but she is showing readiness across the board. I don’t know how things will go from here but we are so pumped about her initiating all of this and about her energy over being a big kid. Well, a big kid who gets lots of candy for using the potty. On a funny, maybe tmi note, Norah’s first lap around the playroom in her big girl pants included a little locked-knee monster dance. I imagine she was enjoying the sensation of being diaper free for the first time ever.


5 thoughts on “Big Girl Pants and Pig Tails

  1. Paul OConner (CBRE, Inc)

    I love it. Thanks for sharing. ☺

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  2. Kim

    Fantastic work Norah and Mommy! She is such a big girl and just glows when you make over the fact that she pee pees in the potty!!

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