Eat, Sleep, Love (sleep optional)


Lots of growing up going on in the Burden house this week. Charlie’s well on his way to longer naps, an actual schedule and self-soothing. All of this after not even a full week of “nap training”. He even went 6 hours between feeds last night. Unfortunately he talked for two of those hours, needed two diaper changes, one wardrobe and bedding change and lots of patting. So, no extra sleep was had by anyone. Norah’s been sleeping without her paci since Saturday with no major disruption. I was so proud of her this morning when she stumbled across Charlie’s paci where it lay on the couch. She laid her little head next to it, chatted a bit and looked longingly. She picked it up and put it to the mouth of the butterfly toy that lay next to it. But she never put the paci in her mouth. She’s such a good little girl.
Charlie had his first taste of rice cereal this weekend and has quickly moved up to two meals a day. Watch Charlie eating here (and excuse any background fussing).Yesterday he added in some lovely “mmmmm” sounds while he was eating. This is quite a sight for Stu and I after Norah’s introduction to solids which took months. Moments like this bring up a lot of emotions. We get a full grasp of how challenging things can be for Bug. It gives me a lump in my throat to understand how determined she is. How it is all taken in stride. I am intensely proud.

Feeding herself breakfast, "look ma! no eyes.", all done

Feeding herself breakfast, “look ma! no eyes.”, all done

I think we take many things in stride as parents because of Norah. All those hours spent trying to feed her, looking for the perfect texture, discovering preferences only to watch them change the next day….it’s just what we did. And I have fond memories of sitting face to face with Norah for the hours each day it took to get through meals. But that’s because she was first. Her agenda was the only one that mattered. Charlie’s lot is different. And now Norah’s is too. But the timing is perfect. So, this morning, with two mouths to feed, I gave Norah her cream of wheat and a spoon and focused on Charlie. Her spoon was upside down after her second bite. Cream of wheat got EVERYWHERE. But she did it! She fed herself the whole bowl and at the end she was spackled (as her Nana would say) with cream of wheat and sweet success.
Norah really is growing into her independence since Charlie was born. And sweet Charlie “Bear” is really finding his niche in our family. His love for each of us is written in delight all over his face. He brings up that same lump of pride for me. It’s one of the most joyful parts of motherhood. It’s rooted in the bittersweet process of watching your child grow up. I can tell you first hand that there is NO correlation between where they fall on the developmental charts and the size of that lump.
For some fun. Norah loves these Pingu videos that her Poppy and DeDe introduced her to. And this one hits close to home for me so it made us both giggle. Enjoy!